VV-Autotalot selects Virta

The co-operation covers Audi, Seat, VV trade-in as well as Caara´s media agency and digital marketing services.

“This is a significant win for us, it is great to develop the future of the car sales.” states Virta CEO Mika Häyrinen.

“Virta has convinced us with the great work they have delivered to Audi and Seat, thus the decision was easy to make. This co-operation extends the strategic co-operation to our trade-in and Caara -web store marketing.” states Piero Silvani from VV-Autotalot.

Further information

Mika Häyrinen, 050 3666433, Virta Helsinki Oy

Piero Silvani, 040 768 1178, VV-Autotalot Oy